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The new, addictive paddling phenomenon of SUP meets the age-old passion of fishing.


Regardless of what goes on in your day-to-day life, there’s always the comfort of knowing that there are still tranquil places to explore, amazing wildlife to encounter, spectacular moments to photograph and evasive fish to stalk, catch and release. Even more exciting is the fact  that these experiences are often waiting for us just outside our own gates. And there’s no better way to discover them than in a Native Watercraft.

The global Native Watercraft team is made up of passionate kayaking enthusiasts who have each had a love for the water and the great outdoors driving their lives for decades. Our innovative boats are designed and manufactured in the United States, where decades of boat-building knowledge goes into refining each and every Native Watercraft. Whilst we are infatuated with paddling history, we are squarely focused on its future.

We are always scouting out the newest materials and techniques. Having our ear to the ground and our eyes on developing technologies is how we achieve break-through ideas like First Class Seating, Adapt-A-Track, Propel Pedal Drive and Ultimate Tegris—ideas that elevate your experience, add to your boat’s performance and increase your user comfort.

ingenious propel drive design lets you back up reverse when you need to.

Our unique Propel Pedal Drive System (patent pending) is ingenious. It’s direct drive allows you to pedal in reverse and actually go backwards! That’s simply invaluable for fishing, docking and photography.

Yes, you CAN go backwards!

Take the advantage.

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I can’t imagine what it’s like for ’yakkers who don’t fish from a Native Watercraft Propel. Reverse is integral to my fish-fighting strategy. It’s also an extremely important safety factor.

Jo Starling

Pro Team Angler

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