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The Bass Nations Kayak Grand Final 2017

After qualifying for the first Bass Australia Nation’s kayak Grand Final it was time to get serious and do a solid prefish leading up to the tournament. The final was held on Lake Somerset north west of Brisbane. A massive lake that I had only fished once before some 15 years ago.

Before my prefish, I decided to upgrade my sounder/gps unit on my kayak to help locate key areas and schools of bass. I choose the new Lowrance Carbon 9 which has proven to be an awesome decision.

On my prefish, I decided to target all the popular spots in the lake for the spring bite. Using the new Carbon 9 with the insight genesis mapping for Lake Somerset I followed the original creek bed down the entire lake. I split the screen, also using side scan to locate schools of fish off the edge of the creek bed up on the flats. I found fish in a few different areas, but large schools of bigger fish in the Bay 13 area. The only downfall to fishing this area in the tournament was the 45 minute plus peddle each way in each session.

Session 1: I peddled to my spot approximately 7km from the start. Immediately the sounder screen lit up with large numbers of schooled fish sitting in around 9 metres of water. I must have thrown every lure in my tackle box trying to entice a bite. Before I knew it my fishing time was over and I had to travel back with no fish. Not the start to the Grand Final I was looking for.

Session 2: I was not about to give up, and knowing that the fish were in that area, I decided to travel back to the same location. With a change of lure, I had instant success and landed 5 legal bass for the session with a 2 fish bag weight of 4.02kg. This jumped me up to 8th place going into the final session on Sunday.

Session 3: With another 45 minute peddle I returned to my flat and within 20 minutes I had my bag including a good upgrade. Not long after, the fish shut downand the bite was over. My session 3 bag weighed 3.92kg, securing a respectable 7th place from a 4/6 fish limit of 7.94kg.


Landing My Big Bass Session 3

Landing My Big Bass Session 3

Final Session Bag Of 3.92kg

Final Session Bag Of 3.92kg


I was a little disappointed to be on the fish the whole weekend but not being able to get the bite in the first session to fill my bag. Looking back, now I have learnt from that first session and that’s what tournament fishing is all about. A top 10 finish in a Bass Grand Final in my first ever year of tournaments for bass is still pretty good, and I’m also very proud to be the highest placed Native Watercraft angler in the Grand Final.

Congratulations to Jonathan Chen for the Championship win and also for a great year taking out the Angler Of The Year.

I would like to say thank you to Drew McGrath and Lauren Kelly from Bass Australia Nations for running such an awesome Grand Final and the 2017 season. Also Native Watercraft Australia for being the major sponsor for the season and their support for me personally. To all the other sponsors throughout all the rounds, Gangster Lures, Smak Lures, Haswing Marine and Berkley, without them we would not have these tournament to fish.

If you’re thinking of getting into kayak tournament fishing check out of next years series, and for all your kayak needs go to

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