If you’ve got a Propel Pedal Drive (Patent Pending), you may find yourself rubbing your chin in wonder… what to do next? Don’t let it worry you… it’s really simply and all the resources you need are literally at your fingertips.

Whether you want to know about assembly, installation, care or maintenance, you’ll find all the owner information you need right here.

CLICK HERE to download your Owner’s Manual.


Propel Servicing Tools

• Large Spanner Wrench

– Upper Assembly Caps and Propeller Cartridge – OTC Variable Spanner Wrench – Can also be found at most automotive stores

• Small Spanner Wrench

– Propel Seal Nut and Crank Gear Nut – Park Tool SPA 1 Spanner Wrench – Can also be found through bike shops

• Crank-arm Puller

– For removing the crank-arms from the square taper spindle – Park Tool Compact Crank Puller – Can also be purchased through Native Watercraft

• 8mm Hex Wrench

– Crank-arm Bolts

• 4mm Hex Wrench

– Thwart Tube Bolts, Propeller Bolts and Casting Bolts

• 2mm Hex Wrench

– Anti-Ventilation Plate

• 3/16” Hex Wrench

– Grease Screw on Upper Caps

• 1/8” Hex Wrench

– Drive Shaft and Propeller Shaft Gear Bolts

• 15mm Open Ended Wrench

– Pedals – Park Tool Pedal Wrench

• Needle Nose Pliers

– Anti-Ventilation Plate

• Internal Retaining Ring Pliers

– Crank Gear External Seal Retaining Ring


Some really useful videos to help you out…

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