Mariner 12.5 Propel

Mariner 12.5 Propel

Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 Propel copperhead
Propel Drive
Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 Propel in copperhead

A pedal boat for every purpose.

There’s enough room on the rear deck for a smaller passenger to hitch a ride on the Mariner Propel 12.5. Anglers rig their tackle crates and rod holders back there because everything is in easy reach. This may be the most boat in a 12-foot package you’ll find anywhere. Generous beam and plenty of volume give the boat the stability to let you stand confidently for casting or just getting a good view of what’s ahead.

Key Performance Features: Stable ride sitting or standing — Sit-on-top convenience
— easy on/off — Pedal in reverse to go backwards — Comfortable support for rear end and lower back — Ideal for flat water and slow rivers — Optional rudder


– Air-Lite
– Tunnel Hull
– Plug and Play
– Propel Drive

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Length: 12′ 6″
381 cm

Width: 32″
81 cm

Fitted Weight: 81 lbs
36.5 kg

Depth @ Beam: 13″
33 cm

Capacity: 400 lbs
181 kg


Lizard Lick
Blue Lagoon
Gator Bait
Hidden Oak
Road Cone
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